Krasnojarsk-Tura: Winter road

After driving 600 km away from Krasnojarsk we crossed a river of Angara and finally started riding the winter road. 1000 km of “zemnyk” was full of white beauty, wild nature, cold nights and a couple of more truck failures.

On the road

We met Oleg, a friend of Zilvinas in Krasnojarsk and he joined us together with his buddy Aleksandr. Now it’s 5 of us traveling through cold taiga and experiencing peculiarities of “zemnyk”.

On the way to Bogucianai we stopped by Oleg’s relatives and were warmly welcomed in their house. They live in the area, where lots of lithuanian relatives are left after exile.

Because of the oil and wood industries, the quality of the winter road to Bogucianai is extremely good. Later on it gets a little worse but more interesting and extreme. Because of the bumpy road, we lost a jar of jam and some other stuff were broken as it flies back and forth in the house. A couple of days on “zemnyk” were like a strong, never-ending turbulence. Not only that our heads were spinning after that, but our house looked like it was destroyed by a hurricane every day.

On the road

After driving a couple of days through hilly Taiga, we reached Baikit, a small town by the river. From there “zemnyk” continued on the frozen river of Upper Tunguska. Unfortunately, a gadget to measure the thickness of ice, that we bought in Maskva, refused to work and we could not check how thick was the ice under us. But we reached Tura, a capital of Evenkia region, successfully and are ready to continue our adventure going even more up North.


No failures occurred in the truck yesterday nor today, so it seams we will be heading to Chirinda, a small town next to “zemnyk” tomorrow.