Through time some of our works and photo stories has bean published in magazines, newspapers and web.


Picture of the Snow White Horse from the “Tölting Horse” photo-story won the First prize award in the “Nature and its protection” category in Lithuanian Press Photography 2015. Here is more about this project.

2015 Press Award


Another project which took place in Iceland  was printed in march 2015 National Geographic Russia magazine. This article is about Icelandic Horse, it’s unique characteristics of the breed, which have been successfully preserved over 1100 years, and still stand in bright contrast to the characteristics of other horse breeds around the world. Brought to world wide audience by Photographers Giedrius and Zilvinas. Visit National Geographic page with full story. Short film can be found here.




“Zimnik” the Ice Road photo story won a first prize in Lithuanian Press Photography 2014 awards. Here you can check other finalist and winners.



With our project three of us (Berta, Giedrius and Zilvinas) spend two months in Siberia this winter, documenting life over there. Few stories are already published by various magazines, short documentary and behind the scenes video also online.
November 2013 issue of National Geographic (Baltic States) made our photo story a leading article with one of our pictures resting on cover page. Media says it is first article made by lithuanians in whole magazines history.


Geographical UK magazine in November 2013 issue printed Photo story: Cold carriage

Zilvinas VasiliauskasBerta Tilmantaite and Giedrius Dagys document the unique ice road that provides the frozen province of Evenkia in northern Russia with a vital connection to the outside world each winter.

Geographic - Cold carriage
Geographic - Cold carriage Geographic - Cold carriage Geographic - Cold carriage Geographic - Cold carriage Geographic - Cold carriage


With our project three of us (Giedrius DagysBerta and Zilvinas) spend two months in Siberia this winter, documenting life over there. Few stories are already published, short documentary and behind the scenes video also online. Some pictures are featured in Rhythms Monthly magazine (Chinese: 經典雜誌) it is geographic magazine based in Taipei, Taiwan. Published in a format similar to the National Geographic Magazine, Rhythms Monthly reports on cultural, historical, environmental and humanitarian themes. In November issue they have our “Zimnik” photo story.

Rythms-Monthly-Zimnik-01 Rythms-Monthly-Zimnik-02 Rythms-Monthly-Zimnik-03 Rythms-Monthly-Zimnik-04 Rythms-Monthly-Zimnik-05 Rythms-Monthly-Zimnik-06 Rythms-Monthly-Zimnik-07 Rythms-Monthly-Zimnik-08 Rythms-Monthly-Zimnik-09


III place winner in the annuall “Debut” contest. This was a 2012 collaborative project with photographer Jules Robi Verne. Debut photography exhibitions have been held in Lithuania since 1976. The year 2012 has seen the 12th contest, for which 97 photographers submitted their works. More pictures from this project here


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