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Dikiy.me is a collaboration or better just a way of life of  people who creatively get themselves involved on various not so ordinary projects. Desire to tell visual stories unites us and brings together to seek for new goals. Best pictures of ours are never taken, we only keep them in our minds. But when we do press the shutter, we strive for unique images. Combining them with videos, sound and graphic design we create emotional stories in high quality. We love to challenge ourselves, to challenge our imagination, skills and abilities. Together we supplement each other. Our different skills, experiences and personal qualities enables us to produce diverse and multilayered outgrowth.

We’ re small and temporary on the Earth and that feeling of insignificance is very pleasant to us. Combining our greatest passions – traveling and media (photography, videography and sound) we want to explore the Earth with deep respect to nature, find our way of communication with it and to perpetuate its beautiful stories. The unusual phenomenas of natural powers and catastrophes of nature also concerns us – we want to experience and put it in our visual stories.


Dikiy.me under the Northern lights

Project Dikiy is a Siberian story with collaboration with – Žilvinas, Berta and Giedrius – who prefer nature to cities, wilderness to comfort, adventures to routine, challenges to safety, enjoying to complaining, creating to consuming…. “Dikiy” means “wild”, “wilderness” in Russian and comes from the first project we started to work on all three together. This is what interests us the most, because this is what we all have inside  and where we come from. More about this project read here.


Icelandic project – “Tölting Horse” This time the crew of three Lithuanians, collecting information, pictures, sounds and other not necessarily useful but never the less interesting material consists of: Photographer – Žilvinas Vasiliauskas, and Giedrius Dagys. More about this project read here



Dikiy.me under the Northern lights

Sounds of silence in the cycle of photographs entitled “The Carnival of the Animals” Žilvinas VasiliauskasGiedrius Dagys capturing the sound in silence, melody among the elements of nature, vibrations caused by spreading music, emotions that are revealed by observing the force of Nature and Creation… More about this project read here.


Mongolia we visited already few times. Time and time again it forced us to appreciate this large country and come back once again. This time it is North-West part of Mongolia where 2000 year old traditions of eagle hunting takes place. Our goal is to get behind hunting eagle story. Photographer – Žilvinas Vasiliauskas, Photographer – Giedrius Dagys. More about this project read here



Happiness is a place

The chain of random meetings led Natalia Zakharova – Russian public relations professional in travel industry, to the invitation to Bhutan by Travel Council of Bhutan. Accompanied by nature photographer Žilvinas Vasiliauskas on December, 1 2014 they both winding between Himalayas’ peaks landed at the airport of Paro. The subject of our photo-story is Gross National Happiness (GNH) – Bhutanese alternative to GDP. We are trying to find out what does it actually mean and from our first glance GNH is more the way of life than quantitative value as it might seem.More about this project read here.


6 Responses to About us

  1. Bugies says:

    Hey Gary and friends,

    I wish you much fun at your trip, be carefull and always think one step before!
    Looking forward to see some pictures und movies from your team.

    Greetings from Germany, Bugies

  2. Inari Virmakoski says:

    Dear friends,
    Your journey is remarkable. I wish to congratulate you. Geri’s friend Sigitas told me already about this adventure and now I have seen your colouful truck in photos, already moving in Siberia.
    Travelling like you do is challenging no doupt. You will encounter wonderful world.
    Thanks for sharing. Inari

  3. Paula Moore says:

    Congratulations to three champions of courage, creativity and the natural world – perfect!

  4. Puikus jūsų sumanymas, drąsieji ir šaunieji žmonės. Fantastiškos nuotraukos, atmosferą perteikiantys parašyma – ačiū. Sėkmės visokiausios.

  5. Monique Robichaud-Alisauskas says:

    In Iceland the month after you filmed ‘Tolting Horse’ … photography and video .. captured my breath.. thank you for sharing and preserving earth in her magnificent state of ‘natural beauty’

  6. Olga Klaipeda says:

    I don’t know what exactly pictures are made by Zilvinas, but looking at them seems like this is a completely different personality I new before. Definitely dipper and sincerely in love with life. That’s amazing what are you doing! Keep on going this way and share with us.

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