Vilnius – Krasnoyarsk: 5500km

After a four-day-long check at the Latvia-Russia border, a bunch of procedures and this X-ray, it’s clare that our Ladybug Tatra is all healthy, has no pneumonia, neither any broken bones and is prepared to survive the severe cold of Siberia. So we’re hitting the road again and passed Moscow today.


But new challenges were waiting for us every day. First stop – flat tire. We gave it away for two guys, who brought it back to life in one hour. Just about the right amount of time to take a shower behind the garage.

Fixing the tire

We spent the next night stuck in the snow. As the fog was beautifully playing with the truck’s lights, we decided to pull over to take some photos. Unfortunately, the edge of the road was closer than we expected, so the truck started to slide and almost turned over. After not being able to get back on the road in the dar, we went to sleep and wait for the dawn. It’s goo to have a house on the wheels!

The hight of the tire - 1.30m

Our house in the snow

Two russian guys with their oldschool “ZYL” helped us out in the morning.

Zilvinas driving

Next day we saw a truck, sliding off the road. After being in the same situation ourselves, we wanted to help and pull it back. Our rope broke twice, but we still didn’t want to give up. After a bunch of attempts, the truck turned out to be very stubborn and stayed where we found it.

Pulling back the truck

Yesterday we reached Krasnoyarsk. All day today guys were fixing the truck to give it a final touch before heading up North tomorrow.